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This safe comes equipped with an electronic lock!

Liberty's American-Made Home Safe 8 is small enough to conceal easily but is packed with top-tier security features and fire protection. Order this small personal safe for your home! If you're looking to store handguns, the Home Safe 8 is also an excellent small personal safe for storing handguns, jewelry, documents, and electronics.

IN STOCK Liberty Home 8

Color: Black Textured|Gray Interior|Black Hardware
  • External Dimensions: 30¼”H x 24 ¼”W x 20”D (Add 2” to D for Handle)

    Internal Dimensions: 26”H x 19 ½”W x 13 ½”D

    Int. Cubic Feet: 3.96

    Weight: 227 lbs.

    Fire Rating: 60 minutes at 1200ºF

Accessories and Add Ons