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Liberty Safe was founded in 1988 by Jay Crosby, an engineer and entrepreneur who had previously co-founded the Fort Knox safe company. When we began, we built our safes by hand and worried more about making high-quality gun safes than having a large output.

Customers appreciated our focus on quality, and before long Liberty was able to expand. Within a year, we moved into a 25,000 square-foot production facility in Provo, Utah. In 1995, Crosby sold Liberty Safe to an investor and the brand experienced huge growth, doubling its sales and profitability in less than 4 years.

Over the next few years, Liberty moved its main headquarters to Springville, Utah, while keeping its Provo facility running. We eventually added another facility in Provo, along with a 45,000-square foot distribution center in Spanish Fork, Utah. Throughout the years, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology that has helped us produce consistently high-quality safes in larger numbers. We are currently owned by an investment company called Monomoy Capital Partners LP. Monomoy Capital Partners is a private equity firm with over $2.7 billion in committed capital. We make equity and debt investments in middle-market businesses that can benefit from operational and financial improvement in the manufacturing, distribution, and consumer sectors.


In 2001, we consolidated all of our operations to a 200,000 square foot facility in Payson, Utah. We have since expanded and now operate out of a 300,000 square foot facility, where we can produce up to 700 safes a day at peak capacity.