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  • Can I change the safe's combination?
    If the safe is equipped with an electronic lock, refer to the "Changing Your Combination" instructions in this manual. (The S&G operating instructions for biometric locks are included in your packet as well). If the safe is equipped with a mechanical dial lock, you must contact us to have the combination reset.
  • How does the key-lock work?
    It is used to lock the dial and keep it from turning. You can lock the dial combination scrambled or open. Simply set the dial to "0", insert the key, and turn half a turn counterclockwise. This will lock the safe. To unlock, turn the key half a turn clockwise, remove the key, and either redial combo or turn dial back to opening position.
  • What if I lose my keys or combination?
    A Duplicate Key/Combination request form must be filled out and faxed along with a copy of the sales receipt to: (801) 465-5940. You can print a form from our website here and have the completed form faxed or mailed. Call our toll-free customer service line at (800) 247-5625, and press 4.
  • Are Electronic Locks EMP Resistant?
    The S&G Low Profile and D-Drive Electronic Locks on Liberty Safes are EMP Resistant! The NL and S&G biometric electronic locks are not EMP resistant.
  • What is routine maintenance and who is qualified to do it?
    The purpose of routine maintenance is to keep your safe’s lock in good working condition, and having maintenance done routinely may prevent costly lockouts. Most locksmiths can perform the work. Make sure that they are familiar with Sargent & Greenleaf® group II locks.
  • Why is the handle pointing in a different direction than it used to be?
    The handle has a built-in clutch mechanism. When the handle is forced, it will slip left or right. To reset it, simply force it back to its original position when locked.

Lock Combination Support

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September 8th, 2023

All right! Let’s get an accurate explanation of the mechanics of customer code support into print! The priority for us is that our customers are comfortable and have good information and support from us. Whatever is the right move for you, we are here for it!

Following the mechanics of the code support infrastructure, I’ll explain the policies and procedures around it, and then customer options, so that our customers can make the right decision for their application based upon accurate information. Following all of that, I want to note several inaccuracies that we have read.

Mechanics of Code Support Infrastructure

  1. Manufacturers generate random 6 digit codes to go with serial numbers. If the serial number is outfitted with:

    a.) a mechanical dial, the 6 random digits are broken into 3x2 digit numbers (ex. 491857 turns into 49-18-57) and that becomes the combination of the safe at the factory. The combination is tracked with the serial number in records at the factory, with a set party of people in customer support roles who can access. This is the combination the customer receives with the safe.

    b.) a securam electronic lock, there are two codes set up as the locks are also used for commercial applications. The 6 random digits above mentioned are input as the “manager code”, and tracked with the serial number. Other electronic lock manufacturers have a slightly different application of this, but same principle. Happy to explain the nitty gritty. AND

    c.) the “employee code” (1-2-3-4-5-6) is sent with the safe to the customer to change to their own custom code for their use. The “manager code” is used for customer support and kept with the serial number at the factory for the same small group of customer support roles.

  2. Dexter’s Best LLC does not store any code support in house. We do not have any records that would be able to help any law-enforcement agencies or other parties gain access to your safe.


Policies and Procedures around Code Change Support

  1. Routinely, customers lose their combinations, misremember combinations, or have accidents that result in lost combinations. Liberty Safe alone handles over 4000 combination support requests each year. Customers, upon proving their identity and proof of ownership through paperwork and questions, they can gain support from the manufacturer to regain access to their safe and belongings. The alternative is for safes to be damaged or destroyed to regain access.

  2. Historically, Liberty Safe’s policy was to work with law enforcement if judicial warrants were written, because “working with Law Enforcement” was generally supported and a normal way of doing business across industries. Just a few years ago, this was acceptable. Since this incident, Liberty Safe has changed policy, as have others, to resist any aid to law enforcement for combination recovery support, and support only being for the owner’s assistance. We support this move and wish it had been done earlier, especially as there does seem to be a higher rate of federal agencies targeting individual citizens.


Customer Options

Customers have several options to get rid of these filings should they want to do so, and if it is the right move for their application. We are happy to help!

  1. All locks (currently that come to mind) that we carry, can have mechanical combinations changed if mechanical locks, or all access codes wiped if they are electronic locks. That removes any records that match what is stored at the factory. The “paper trail” is severed and the safe is orphaned.

  2. Liberty Safe, and it looks like other companies are following suit, to offer customers the right to expunge any combination support records associated with the serial number of their safe. There will be no record of any support combination at the factory at your request.

  3. The entire lock can be changed as well if that helps with comfort as a more major contingency.

  4. However, and this is a big however, this does also void the lock warranty, as the manufacturer no longer has any records to support the lock. From a technical standpoint, this really does make sense, and it’s not strong arming. They can’t verify that you are using the correct combination, and it’s difficult to verify if there is any malfunctioning occurring. Of course, we are here to help with lock issues, to the best of our abilities at every point, however we can.

Addressing some inaccuracies.

  1. In the now highly-reported FBI incident, it has been widely assumed that the individual had an electronic lock on their safe and some sort of “back door” was used. That’s incorrect, it was a mechanical dial.

  2. No, there’s not some back door universal code. No manufacturer wants to deal with that headache. Just the “management code” and the “employee code” on an electronic lock, and a single code on a mechanical dial- all explained above.

  3. Liberty Safe had no idea the nature of the FBI raid, nor had the decision to work with the FBI gone to management. The FBI called the customer support line, sent over proof of warrant, and the Liberty rep (wrongfully, from a moral and goof up perspective) disclosed the code based on the warrant. As stated above, the policy has now been written concretely to not to be doing so based on a warrant alone. BUT the FBI did not disclose that it was based on any Jan 6th speculation, or anything other than a residence and name. For all intents and purposes, it looked like any sort of small drug raid, so Liberty did not know ahead of the implications that would follow as they had no details on the case. They didn’t “fold to the FBI” in any political sense, they did mess up in an ignorant sense and naive way.

  4. The political donation stuff going around... that’s just crappy reporting. Liberty Safe is currently (as of 2021) owned by Monomoy Capital Partners. Charlie Kirk pulled an FEC political donations report, then cropped out the “contributor name” column and the “employer” heading to make it look like Monomoy donated to political campaigns. I have pulled the actual report from FEC filings, they are free and easy to search on the FEC website. The report actually reads that individual employees from Monomoy have made political donations over the years, not the corporation. When you pull a report for Liberty Safe employee political donations, they are all to conservative campaigns. Whatever your politics may be, this dispels the myth of Liberty donating to democratic campaigns. Some employees of Monomoy have, but not the company, nor Liberty Safe. Furthermore, Kirk’s report also incorrectly lists the Monomoy co-CEO as being Liberty’s CEO. Justin Hillenbrand is not Liberty’s CEO, and does not work for Liberty Safe. Generally, I like Charlie Kirk, but I’m pretty disappointed with this half-baked reporting and lack of any fact checking or accountability. Basically, all of Kirk's report is incorrect and that’s easily verified. FEC reports are publicly searchable, and you can search to see that my findings are not just correct, but the entire, accurate truth.


For now, I think that addresses and explains everything going around. 

Thank you,

Zachary Dexter
Manager of Western CT and NY Services Dexters Best, LLC

Warranty Claims

Please carefully read the safe warranty that accompanied your safe. If you encounter a problem that falls under the warranty coverage, simply call Liberty Safe at (800) 247-5625, and press 4. You will be required to provide the serial number and proof of ownership if you have not sent in your warranty card. Please call us with questions.

Warranty Repairs

Repairs to your safe covered under your warranty should not be performed without the pre-authorization of your safe manufacturer. If there are any issues regarding your safe please contact us directly and we will happily help you through the process. Solutions to frequently asked questions and issues can also be found in the Troubleshooting Guide booklet or online at through the manufacturers website. The cost of any repairs performed without pre-authorization will be the sole responsibility of the owner.


Water & Fire Damage

Your safe is not waterproof. Should your safe be exposed to fire or water, the fire insulation of your safe will be compromised. In this event, make sure to have your safe opened as soon as possible. If your safe included firearms, remove them and have them cleaned and lubricated as soon as possible. Do not continue to store items in a safe that has been compromised by water or fire. In either of these cases, you should purchase a replacement model.


Insurance Coverage

Neither Dexter's Best Safe & Vault nor any safe manufacturer we partner with insures the contents of your safe. Since we do not insure the safe’s contents, a homeowner's policy or other insurance coverage should be purchased in an amount sufficient to cover the contents. Most homeowner's policies require the purchase of riders or endorsements on items such as guns, jewelry, coins and other valuable collectibles. Should damage occur to your valuables, a claim should be made with your homeowners insurance. Check with your local insurance company for possible discounts that may be available with your purchase.

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