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About Us

Dexter’s Best Safe & Vault is proud to offer top-quality, domestic made safes with full white glove service for residential and commercial deliveries and installations. Our products are rugged, durable, beautiful and most importantly, burglary and fire resistant. We specialize in safes rated for residential or commercial use. We carry Rhino Metals, American Security, Gardall, Liberty Safe, Fort Knox and Vaultek. We also carry and install vault doors. Our home safes offer the fire and burglary protection our clients want in a dependable safe or vault.


We also offer safe moving, delivery, and installation services you can count on. Your new safe is a big investment, and it’s in good hands with us! Whether it’s a first-floor, basement, or second-floor installation, we have you covered. We will take the time to protect the surfaces, doors, and belongings in your home to ensure we don’t leave a mark while using state-of-the-art equipment to bring your safe right to where you want it installed.


Already have a safe and need it moved? Reach out to receive a quote! We will ask for the model, weight, and information on its current location and where it’s going. When it comes to moving your current safe to another location, we are happy to offer the same level of care that we provide on new safe installations! Reach out to us today for a customized quote.

Sales & Delivery

Hailing from Woodstock, CT Zach prides himself in providing the best service and sales possible. “Designing deliveries and watching the delivery systems and jobs come together is an awesome experience that I get to have every week. People are excited for us to show up, and excited to see their safe moved into their house. It’s a lot of work, but the payoff is constant and doesn’t get old”. When Zach isn’t working, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, archery, grilling and spending time with his family. 

Steve joined the team in 2021 and you can find him in the Norwich or Windsor Locks locations for all your safe and grill needs. He looks forward to chatting with you in the showroom and providing education on our products while helping narrow down what's going to best suit your needs. When not out on delivery or at the showroom, you may find him doing some outdoorsy things like hunting, fishing, or kayaking, but more than likely he's washing/detailing a vehicle.

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Sales & Delivery

Ken is a Connecticut native, born and raised in Woodstock, CT. He is an outdoor enthusiast through and through, enjoying hiking, kayaking, and camping with his girlfriend Amanda as well as target competition shooting and history. You’ll find no shortage of knowledge when you see Ken in the showroom. Ken enjoys seeing the impact on his community around him through the shop and meeting people who share the same interests and values he appreciates.

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Sales & Delivery

Will lets his actions speak louder than his words and you’ll likely see him on deliveries on the Western side of Connecticut. Originally from Connecticut as well, he enjoys the outdoors which is probably why he likes delivery day so much. Will bops around from showroom to showroom as needed and is more than happy to provide you with information on safes and grills and a dry sense of humor.

Sales & Delivery
Danbury Sales

Hailing from Carmel, NY, Dan is your Danbury Showroom specialist. One of his favorite things about working at Dexter's Best is speaking to the customers and understanding the customer's needs. "When a customer leaves my store and they feel like I have taken care of every single one of their needs". Dan also enjoys seeing new products come in and the excitement of seeing a new color or style. When he's not in the showroom, you can find him hanging out with his wife and dogs, visiting local breweries and attending as many New York Yankees games as he can.

Norwich & Putnam Sales

Known as PJ for short, you can find him between the Norwich & Putnam showrooms. PJ helps to run Google Ads as well as conversing with customers. When he's not at Dexter's, you may find him running his photo booth business at local events!

Promotions & Digital Content Manager

Originally from Swansea, MA and now residing in Connecticut, Angela is the one behind the screen bringing you our digital content. She likes to see people connect over the content to find the information or product they’re looking for as well as showing off the beautiful pieces we carry. When she’s not at the screen, she enjoys cooking, baking, pittie snuggles, finding farmers’ markets and a good iced coffee. 

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