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 Fort Knox® In-Swing doors are a perfect solution if you want to place a vault door behind a concealment door. The In-Swing door also works great for panic rooms and storm shelters. They can be reinforced with stainless steel, AR500 steel and additional layers of carbon steel.


Reinforced Fire Door:

Our Reinforced Fire Door adds to layers of fire protection to the 3/8" or 1/4" solid steel plate, then it reinforces the door with additional 10-gauge steel for added security (three to four times more steel than other composite type doors). We have found a way to improve on the Reinforced Fire Door. This new folded door adds more steel to the door edge while giving us a cleaner looking edge.


5-to-1 Patented Gear Drive:

Our patented rack and pinion bank style locking mechanism is the most technically sophisticated and reliable locking system available. Auto manufacturers today use rack and pinion steering because it is a stronger, more precise, positive and a maintenance free system. We have added a clutch to the handle to prevent damage from undue force on the handle.


Color and Finish:

Fort Knox offers three distinctive finish options: Textured; a thick durable scratch resistant paint finish perfect for garages, shops or storage rooms. Gloss; a beautiful acrylic urethane enamel paint finish with unmatched luster. Or, Distressed; a unique industrial looking finish that shows some aging and random imperfections (No two are the same).


Due to the customization and specificity of this item, delivery and installation needs to be coordinated with our sales team. Price does not reflect the delivery and installation of the vault door.


Things to Know Before You Buy

HOW DO I PREPARE FOR MY VAULT DOOR? Measure the Rough Opening, the recess in the wall in which the Vault Door will be installed. Prepare the area by removing sheetrock and framing, leaving bare concrete ready for installation.


WHAT IS MY WALL THICKNESS? Your Vault Door clamp frame dimensions are specific to your wall thickness, to ensure a proper installation. Wall thickness must be specified at time of order.


Available HOW DO I DECIDE IN-SWING VS. OUT-SWING? In-Swing doors can be used as a storm shelter or panic room in the event the door is blocked from the outside. The in-swing door is also ideal for hiding or concealing the location of your vault. Out-swing benefits those with limited vault room space.


WHAT IS RIGHT SWING VS. LEFT SWING? We define right vs left swing based on which side the hinges are on. Standing outside the room facing the front of the door your hinge will be on the right or the left. In the picture shown the door is a right swing.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONCEALED HINGE & EXTERNAL HINGE FOR OUT-SWING? Out-swing safes allow for the option of choosing an internal(hidden) hinge opening to 110 degrees, or an external hinge allowing 180° swing radius.

IN STOCK Fort Knox Vault Door | In-Swing 8248|Light Granite|Black Crane Hinge

  • Total Exterior Dimensions: 85"H x 53"W 

    Weight: 1580 lbs

    Locking Bolts: 19

    Door Size: 76"H x 38"W

    Rough Door Opening: 82"H x 48"W

    Door: 3/16 Frame Steel Thickness (3/8" steel plate, 2 fire walls and 10GA door shell)

Accessories and Add Ons