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Buying a Gun Safe in CT

Making the Right Choice For Firearm Safety

Choosing to buy a gun safe for your home is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Not only is keeping your firearms locked away securely safer for your family, it is also the smart choice to make to protect your investments and equipment. Several factors can affect which safe is right for you and your home — let Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe help you decide which option is best for you!

Family Protection

If there are other people living in your home, especially children who may not understand all of the necessary safety measures that come with handling firearms, then it is vital that you have a gun safe that adequately deters untrained hands from gaining access. One of the first things you can consider to help in this regard is deciding where you plan on placing your gun safe. Having the safe in an area where children normally wouldn’t have access to, such as a master bedroom closet, will further discourage unwanted tampering. Family safety is the first factor to consider.

Elemental Protection

A gun safe should be able to protect your firearms from any elemental damage, but especially fire. Not only will having a fireproof safe keep your investments from harm, it can also be a place where you store important documentation that is difficult or impossible to replace. Accidents happen, and unforeseen disasters can occur, but you should be able to be confident that even in those scenarios, important documents and expensive equipment will be kept safe from harm.

Important Features

When you’ve considered family safety and sound construction as they pertain to your gun safe, it’s time to look at the features that you need. Here are some important components that are necessary in a good gun safe:

Floor Attachment

Having a gun safe that can withstand an inferno but not a burglar with a hand-truck won’t do you much good. You’ll want to make sure that the safe you decide upon can be securely attached to the floor and can’t be rolled away. This will help ensure the safe can’t be lifted and moved, and also ensures that you won’t incur any additional property damage that could happen if someone tries to move your safe.

Structural Integrity

Imagine having an amazing, high-tech lock on a box made of balsa wood. Some safes will try to dazzle you with fancy features, but leave you wanting more in their structural fortification. Focus first on the strength and resistance of the safe structure, which Liberty Safes takes great pride in, and then consider the other options available for hardware.

Lock Configuration

Different types of locking mechanisms appeal to different people. Dexter’s Best can help you determine what style of lock is right for you and your safety. Locks that are available include:

  • Combination Lock- This is a classic, low fuss, no battery, combination sequence lock. They can be slow to operate, but it is also very difficult for unwanted eyes to see the combination.

  • Electronic Lock- These locks are very simple to use and are relatively affordable. These locks can include more features than your standard combination lock, such as lock-out penalties for wrong combinations, as well as the ability to change the combination without the services of a locksmith.

  • Biometric Lock- These feature many of the same capabilities of electronic locks, but have the added safety measure of reading individual fingerprints. If remembering combinations isn’t something you’re great at, then a fingerprint reading lock might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Storage & Space

Before you decide on a gun safe, consider just how many firearms or other contents you will be storing. It is usually a smart decision to go a little bigger than you think you’ll need, and this is for two reasons; firstly, you want to give yourself space to expand as you purchase more firearms or acquire more valuable content, and secondly, you probably already have more items to store than you think you do. The idiom isn’t always true, but in this case, it really is better to go big or go home.

Shop Our Liberty Gun Safes Today!

At Dexter’s Best, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Take this opportunity to browse our selection of quality Liberty Gun Safes, and contact or visit us today so that we can help you make the best investment for you, your family, and your future.

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