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The Most Important Documents To Store In Your Safe

Protect Your Most Important Possessions With Dexter’s Best Liberty Safes

Do you know where your birth certificate is right now? When was the last time you saw your passport? These are incredibly important documents, and without the proper protection that you get with a quality home safe from Dexter’s Best, those documents could be in real danger of being damaged or destroyed. You shouldn’t buy a safe because you are expecting the worst to happen, but you should consider buying one for these documents in case the worst happens.

To help you better organize what important documentation belongs in a secure document safe, we’ve put together a list. Feel free to use this as a reference for what should be kept secure and out of harm’s way in the event that the unexpected occurs! Dexter’s Best is here for you, and it is our goal to protect your most valuable assets and possessions. Please contact us right away if you have any questions regarding safes for your home or business! That said, these are the most important documents that you should be keeping in one of our Liberty Safes:

Birth Certificates

These are one of those documents that you don’t really think about all that much until you really need it, and then it can be a major headache when you can’t locate it. Birth certificates are often used to confirm identity, and can be required when applying for other important documents or licenses. Fortunately, states are required to keep copies of birth certificates on file, so if yours is missing, you can request a replacement copy through the government office of your state of birth. Make sure you keep the birth certificates for all members of your family secure in a fire-resistant home safe.

Social Security Number Cards

For such an important document, these Social Security cards are notoriously flimsy and need to be stored with the utmost care. Should your Social Security Number find its way into the wrong hands, you can find yourself on the business end of identity theft and fraudulent credit schemes. Similar to birth certificates, SSN cards are used to confirm identity and are often required when applying for jobs, credit cards, or acquiring other government issued licenses. Never carry your SSN card on your person for longer than necessary! It should be kept locked up tight in a secure safe when it is not in use.


If you travel frequently, it is vital that you adequately protect your passport from being lost, damaged or stolen. When you are abroad, this is your proof of identity, and they can be a major pain to replace (a process that can take months.) Don’t put yourself in a situation where you need to be able to travel outside of the country but can’t because of a lost or destroyed passport.


In the event of the unthinkable, it is important that you keep your last will and testament safe from harm, so that your family and legal team have instructions for your affairs and estate in the event of your death. A secure safe is also the ideal place to keep your Living Will, the document that will give instruction to your family in the event that you can no longer make medical or health decisions on your own. Make sure that any wills that you have are notarized and kept secure in a fire-resistant home safe.

Tax Forms

You will be thanking yourself when tax season rolls around if you’ve kept all of your necessary tax forms organized in one place. There is nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to file your taxes and you just can’t find that 1099 or W2. You should also keep all of the finished tax return documents from the past three or so years, in case the IRS decides to audit you. Even if you file your taxes electronically, it is better to be safe than sorry (pun intended) and keep a hard copy of your taxes on file and stored securely.

Property Ownership Forms

If you have any documentation that states your ownership of something, be it property, vehicles, or mineral rights, protect them from danger. All titles and registrations need to be kept for proof of ownership and often are needed around tax season. If you own any large farm equipment, like tractors and trailers, the titles and registrations for them should also be kept locked up tight.

Finance Information

This is more of a helpful pro-tip than a necessity, but you may be grateful in the future for following this advice — if you have login information for your financial institutions, keep a list of them, along with account numbers, on a hard copy and locked up. In the event that you are unable to manage your financial matters, having this list resource of your vital information will help those who are legally responsible assist you.

Real Estate Documentation

If you’ve ever sold or bought a home or had appraisals done of any kind, keep these documents on hand and in a secure home safe. In many cases, these documents are difficult or nearly impossible to replace. You’ll want to keep these in your possession since they can be vital to the home buying process in the future.

Marriage Certificates

You should always keep all documentation regarding your marital status in a fire-resistant home safe. These documents include marriage certificates, prenuptial agreements, child-support agreements, alimony documents, and divorce papers. These are incredibly important documents that are almost always hard copies and need to be kept secure and protected from the elements.

Other Irreplaceable Items

This is where you need to discern what photos or other documents are truly irreplaceable. Old family photos, film negatives, family keepsakes and old letters should all be copied digitally for posterity, but keeping them secured in a home safe is always a smart idea. Keep your family memories alive with a quality home safe from Dexter’s Best!

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