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What Makes Your Home Safe Truly Secure?

What Makes a Dependable Safe?

People purchase a home safe or business safe for different reasons, but at the core of all these reasons is one primary one — to keep certain valuable items safe and avoid having them fall into the wrong hands or be destroyed.

What makes a safe reliable, though?

In today’s blog post, we discuss which features you need to look for in a safe that you can count on in the event of a break-in, a fire, or any other potentially destructive scenario. Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe is in the business of providing top-quality safes that our customers in Norwich rely on, and to that end, we carry only the best products and the top brands. Read on to learn what makes your home safe vault truly safe.

Well Built Construction

A safe has to be solidly built. It needs to withstand attempts at breaking into it via the door, walls, lock mechanism, or any other means. Unfortunately, when manufacturing a safe, not everyone uses the best materials available. Some will skimp on quality in order to lower their costs, but the end result is a safe that’s of poor quality and can be broken into too easily.

Built From Raw Steel

In order for a safe to have the strength it needs to withstand attacks, it must be built from raw steel. Anything else is a compromise that you don’t want to live with, and could end up costing you dearly. Safes that are made from melted-down scrap steel will not hold up to someone trying to get in by force. When hit with a crowbar, for example, these usually imported safes will crumble.

The only way to go is with strong, raw steel, such as what our safes are made from. The brands we carry are American-made and built from raw steel, with quality control measures implemented at every stage of the supply chain and manufacturing process.

Remember: raw steel makes your home safe vault genuinely safe!

Fireproof Construction

In addition to needing to be strong, your home safe needs to provide fire protection. Our American-made safes and vault-like systems use U.L. certified Sheetrock to serve as a fire barrier and protect your valuables. This fire-retardant material is well-suited for residential use — what’s more, it can be scaled in layers in order to achieve even better fire ratings.

In the event of a fire, you want to make sure the items you’ve stored away in your home safe will be protected. Ask your vendor about the safety fire rating of any product you’re planning to purchase. A reputable vendor will be happy to explain what these ratings are and help you decide which is best for your particular needs.

Other Important Safe Features

There are other features available that can make your home safe truly secure and reliable. One is easy access to the contents by you or another authorized individual. You want to keep the wrong hands out, but you want to be able to access your valuables readily and quickly!

Of course, you’ll want your safe to be professionally installed. Regular movers typically do not have the experience or training to move and install your safe correctly. Dexter’s Best, however, specializes not only in selling top-quality, U.S.-made safes, but also in delivering, moving, and installing them properly. We will make sure to protect your safe during a move or installation in order to preserve its integrity.

For Additional Information Visit Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe

If you would like to learn more about what makes a home safe reliable, contact Dexter’s Best. Located in Norwich, CT, we deal in U.S.-made products only. Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction, and to that end, we carry only safes that are built to last and protect.

Specializing in Liberty safes and National Security Classics, we sell to our customers the same types of office and home safes that we ourselves own! To learn about our quality safes, get in touch with us today.

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