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Affordable & Formidable

The Spartan Vault stands as the first line of defense against home invaders. With its 3/16” body and 3/8” plate door the Spartan repels attacks with ease. Increase the Spartans value by adding a bundle package. Rest assured, knowing your valuables are protected by the Spartan Vault.


This vault desgined by Dexter's Best comes in rimrock finish with black hardware and an elock.

IN STOCK Fort Knox Spartan 6031-Rimrock

PriceFrom $3,376.80
  • Total Exterior Dimensions: 60"H x 31"W x 27"D (+3" for handle)

    Weight: 975lbs

    Locking Bolts: 12

    Cubic Feet: 28

Accessories and Add Ons