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At Dexter’s Best, our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority. This is why we choose safes that are built to last and built to protect.

When building our safes, we use only the best materials on the market. Fortunately, those materials are in our own backyard and made directly in the U.S.! Safes are built primarily from two components: steel for security, and fire retardant for fire protection. To avoid compromising strength and durability, safes need to be handled properly during every step of the manufacturing stages. We make sure to provide safes that are rugged, effective, and quality-made. Liberty floor safes offer superior protection while providing beautiful aesthetics that enable you to keep your home safe in plain sight for all to enjoy.



  • American-made safes are built from raw steel, with control over the supply chain and composition.
  • Imported safes are built from melted-down scrap steel. This creates weaker steel with impurities from paint and other miscellaneous materials, leading to inconsistencies from different compositions melted together. You don’t know what you’re getting batch to batch, and there is little control over the supply chain.
    • For example, when you order from Chinese-made tools or hardware, these tools or fasteners are typically cheaper. The problem, though, is that they’re also brittle and sometimes break after even a single use. American-made tools and hardware are generally more of an investment, but they are built to last and rarely break.
To sum it up, American-made home safes composed of raw steel are superior products compared to many other safes you’ll find for sale. The steel composition is no accident; it’s a conscious decision made for the sake of maximum security. Imported safes are getting steel on it’s second go-around, with no consistency in composition or quality.

Fire Protection


  • Most safe manufacturers use sheetrock as a fire retardant. That’s because of the following reasons:
    1. Sheetrock can be scaled in layers to make a wide range of fire ratings, and
    2. Sheetrock is a fire-retardant material designed for residential use.
  • American-made safes typically use U.L. certified sheetrock, tailor-cut for the walls, door, ceiling, and floor of the safe.
  • Imported safes use recycled sheetrock and often are not U.L. certified. This is generally because they’re made in a variety of other countries, with vastly different standards (if any), and of different compositions. There is a lack of consistency in the supply chain, and often the sheetrock is the result of construction scraps re-purposed.
    • Often, these scraps are smaller chunks glued together to try and assemble a sheet large enough for a wall, ceiling, or floor of a safe. (Don’t believe us? Ask for the door panel to be removed from the safe that you are evaluating. Typically, you can see this patchwork of material and pieces behind the door.)

We sell, deliver, and install products that we can believe in, depend on, and stand behind. We can’t do that with overseas products built on the cheap. This is why we sell only American-made products expertly constructed out of steel for home safes that are rugged enough to protect your valuables!