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American Security BFII


Our safes come in several sizes and colors. We also offer a range of customizable features, such as lighting elements, shelving, and more. If you are interested in exploring these options, please give us a call or contact us today. We are more than happy to help you find the safe that fits your needs best.

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The American Security BFII falls in the range of “High Residential Security” or a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) RSC (Residential Security Container) Level II Rating. This is a much more stringent test than RSC rating that many gun safes carry, and of course, there are many poorly made safes out there that don’t even carry a baseline RSC test.

The strength of an American Security BFII is immediately seen in its weight. The BFII size 6030 model that we carry in stock is 1,400lbs, which makes it heavier than most safes that are more than twice it’s physical size. It has multiple layers of steel in each wall that together make nearly 1/2″ thick steel walls, and a lightened 2″ concrete fire barrier poured in between the layers of steel. This pair with a 1/2″ solid plate steel door, with additional steel behind it, make one VERY tough safe!

  • The BFII series comes in 6 sizes. We typically carry a BFII 60″ tall x 30″ wide x 29″ deep model in stock.
  • The BFII 6030 carries a 24 long gun MAXIMUM capacity, if the whole safe is used for long gun storage. Of course, the safe comes with flexible shelving so that half of it can be used for assorted valuables
  • We carry the BFII 6030 with motion-activated lights, dehumidifier rod, multipurpose drawer, and 3 interior outlet kit with USB power jacks as well. The door organizer and pockets come, mirrored back wall, and exterior door pull handle all come standard.
  • The safe is lined with 2″ of concrete poured type fire barrier, good for 120 minutes of protection in a full house fire.