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Product Spotlight: Liberty Lincoln Safes

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Style and Function Join With a Liberty Lincoln

Liberty Safes’ Lincoln Series blends the look of the classic sportsman’s gun safe with the latest security and features that you expect from Liberty. This beautiful safe series is available in 25, 40, and 50 cubic feet models capable of fitting over 30 long guns to best fit your needs! We’d like to take this opportunity to break down some of the awesome features of this safe series, and if you have any questions or would like to see one of these safes in person, please feel free to contact us or visit us at Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe any time!

Fire Protection

The Lincoln Series of Liberty Safe offers unprecedented fire protection for this price range. All of the Lincoln models are rated for 90 minutes of fire protection, and also include a Palusol™ heat-activated door seal which expands to seal the edge of the door, further protecting your belongings from intense heat and fire damage. The door and ceiling of the safe features four layers of fire protection, and the walls feature three layers.

Security Features

The security features in the Lincoln series are really magnificent. From a structural standpoint, this safe is very resilient, featuring a ⅛” steel body with a door made of two sheets of 12-gauge steel. One of the coolest features of the Lincoln series is Liberty’s ball-bearing hard plates, which practically destroy any drill bit that comes into contact with them. Enjoy the reliability and consistency that comes with an upgraded S&G lock, which features dual-locking wheels that make it difficult for numbers to slip when the dial is turned too quickly or with too much force. The locking bars of this safe are 4” military-strength bars which surround all four sides of the safe door. We could talk about the security features of this series all day, because that’s just the beginning of the list! Check out the Lincoln Safe product page here for even more security details!


Styles & Specs

The Lincoln Series is an incredibly secure, resilient and reliable line of safes, but that’s not the only thing that sets them apart! These safes look gorgeous, and they come with some great accessory packages to really complete the ensemble. 

Beginning with the exterior, the Lincoln Safe series features tons of colors and finishes to choose from, so you can get the safe that fits right in with your home’s design. Dexter’s Best keeps a stock of granite and bronze textured Lincoln safes on hand, as they provide the most affordable price point, but any color and texture combination can be ordered easily. The Lincolns also feature a classy 5-spoke Suretight handle.

Once you open the door, you’ll immediately appreciate the Clearview wand lighting, making interior visibility easy. The interior of the safe is finished with a soft pin-dot velour, which is reminiscent of classic sportsman’s gun safes. The models we keep on hand feature a convenient jewelry drawer for easy organization, and a 12” dehumidifier rod to keep moisture away from your important documents. Finally, enjoy a premium interior door panel organizer that maximizes its usable space!

See a Liberty Lincoln Safe Today at Dexter’s Best!

Contact Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe or visit us in Norwich today! We’d love to show you all of the great features of the Liberty Lincoln Series. We hope to see you soon!

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