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Product Spotlight: Fatboy Jr. by Liberty Safes

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Fatboy Jr. — The Biggest Little Gun Safe

Have you been contemplating making a gun safe purchase or upgrading your current safe to something better? We at Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe believe that the Fatboy Jr. is one of the best options you could choose! We’d like to walk you through some of the design features and specifications that make this particular safe an incredibly smart buy! We believe you’ll see why this is one of the most sought-after safes in the market today. Read on, and then contact us to come see one in person at our store in Norwich, CT!

Fatboy Jr. Features

The Fatboy Jr. is remarkable in that it provides many of the same features of the original Fatboy model, but at about half the price! The junior model does not skimp on capacity. Even with its smaller footprint, it can accommodate up to 48 long guns. Like most Liberty safes, the Fatboy Jr. features the patented 3-in-1 Flex style interior, allowing for customer customization for how the safe is organized. This Liberty-exclusive feature allows for safe owners to configure their safe interiors to best serve their needs! Here are the three different configurations that this system allows:

  1. The Sportsman: In this format, the adjustable shelves can be removed from the lower left side of the safe interior, allowing for rows of slots for long gun storage.
  2. EZ Access: The adjustable shelving and shelf covers can be removed from the lower right side of the interior, providing an open space for easy access to long gun storage.
  3. The Collector: The adjustable shelving and shelf covers can be removed from both the left and right sides of the interior, allowing for the maximum possible storage potential for long guns. This option provides you with the benefits of both the Sportsman configuration and the EZ Access configuration.

Although “Junior” is in the name, this safe is no slouch when it comes to protecting your valuables. The Fatboy Jr. is certified at 60 minutes of fire protection, being able to withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Fatboy Jr. features a robust steel body of 11-gauge steel, with 8 ¼” thick locking bars. It’s safe to say that anyone trying to break their way into this safe is going to have their work cut out for them. There’s a reason that Liberty safes are so trusted!

The Fatboy Jr. features some great accessories as well. The safe door, which can easily be wasted storage space, becomes incredibly useful when paired with the economy door panel, allowing for storage of small arms and other items. You can make accessing your safe much easier with the addition of the SecuRam Backlit electronic lock, allowing you quick access with a simple numerical code, rather than fiddling with a dial. 

If you opt to go all-in, you may love what the Fatboy Jr. Extreme model offers, with the addition of three MORE interior configurations with the 6-in-1 Flex interior, and a rifle rod starter pack.

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Models & Colors

Both the Fatboy Jr. and Fatboy Jr. Extreme models are available with chrome or black chrome hardware, depending on your personal preference. If you choose the chrome hardware, you can also select from a textured black or textured granite finish, with a sleek gray interior. Black chrome hardware allows you to choose from a gray marble finish with the gray interior or a textured bronze finish with a stylish camel interior. Whatever style you choose, this safe will look great wherever you choose to store it in your home!


We can sing the praises of the Fatboy Jr. all day long, but we’d like to highlight what some of you have said about this safe! Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe prides itself on excellent customer service and satisfaction, and it always makes our day to hear stories from satisfied customers like LJ and Ron.

Just received my new Liberty Fatboy Jr. safe and love it already. Got it for a great price. It was the best safe for the money. Great product, very well made. Looked at other safes for about the same price. My Liberty safe Fatboy Jr. makes them all look cheap. The safe is huge inside. They were right when they state to buy a bigger safe than you think you need. Great product, great customer service. Thanks Liberty for a great product.” -LJ in Connecticut

When thieves attempted to break into Ron’s Fatboy Jr. in Maine, they were less than successful:

The Fatboy wore them down … While it was totaled, they never were successful in opening it.” Photos provided to the police show evidence that the 2-year-old safe received pounding and prying, the handle was broken off, and deep scuff marks from assorted implements had marred the outside, but there was no violation of the integrity of the safe. Ron took advantage of Liberty’s lifetime warranty to help him replace the damaged Fatboy Jr. with a full-sized upgrade of the same series. “I can’t say enough for the security offered by the Fatboy Jr.” -Ron in Maine

There are several other success stories like these that we’d love for you to hear. Just pop on by Dexter’s Best today, and we can fill you in how incredible these safes are! 

Come to Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe for Your Fatboy Jr. Today!

We hope that this product spotlight has encouraged you to make the decision to buy a Fatboy Jr. Liberty Safe from Dexter’s Best! The security and accessibility in this model are of the highest quality, and you won’t regret your purchase. It’s the best investment in protecting your assets and firearms that you can make! Whether you’re a sportsman, a collector, or just need an incredibly dependable safe for your personal belongings, this is a great choice. Please do not hesitate to contact the safe experts at Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe in Norwich today! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about our inventory, and we’ll help make sure that you get the safe that is right for you and your home.