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  • Burglary Rating: High Security Underwriters Laboratories (UL) TL30X6 – This safe can potentially insure up to $1 Million in jewelry, gold, coins, precious metals, narcotics, pharmaceuticals, cash, and other valuables.
  • Fire Resistant – Certified 2 Hours of Fire Protection withstanding up to 1,850 Degrees.
  • Safe Door & Body – Door is a massive 6 3/4" Thick and the Walls are 3 1/2" Thick.
  • Locking Mechanism - World Class Engineered with multiple active glass relockers and, 8 locking bolts in vertical and horizontal directions that include 5 massive 1 1/2" hardened steel active bolts that engage deep into their own bolt chambers.
  • Two Lock Entry – Safe armed with UL Rated Group 2M Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G) High Security Combination Lock and, S&G High Security Key Lock.  Other access options include electronic lock, double combination lock, time lock, and Group 1R lock.
  • Door Hardware – Polished Chrome Pull Handle and Turn Handle

USED Original Safe & Vault Platinum 4520

PriceFrom $6,750.00
  • External Dimensions: 52"H x 27"W x 29"D (Add 2" for Handle)

    Interior Dimensions: 45"H x 20"W x 18"D

    Weight: 2552 lbs.

    Fire Rating: 2-Hour Fire 

    External, right swing hinge

Accessories and Add Ons