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Do you own a large floor safe? Is it time to move it to a new location, or even to another room or floor in your home or office?

We understand how daunting and challenging the task of moving your floor safe can be. It’s not like moving your favorite easy chair or a few boxes of clothes. A floor safe is enormous, and it’s heavy, too! Moving it requires the right equipment, the right techniques, and the right experience.

Protect Your Safe

The fact is, if you try to do it yourself, or if you hire regular movers inexperienced with especially large and heavy items to try to handle moving your safe, it could be a recipe for disaster. After all, safes aren’t supposed to be easily maneuvered! Your safe is heavy and large for a good reason. In addition to protecting your valuables, it’s impressively massive to keep thieves from walking away with it. The very features that make your floor safe so attractive and effective also make it a challenge on moving day.

This is why Dexter’s Best offers expert moving services to take your floor safe from one place to another. There’s quite a bit involved with this task. First, we make sure to protect your safe in transit so it doesn’t get dinged, dented, banged, bashed, nicked, or scratched. And just as importantly, we protect your floors, walls, and furniture from accidentally getting damaged in the move.

Our teams have the necessary experience to do the job correctly. We are thorough and meticulous, making sure to wrap your safe in protective material, load it correctly onto a dolly or carrier, and move it carefully without accidentally colliding with anything in the process. We use runners to protect your floors. If needed, we can devise a pulley system to lift your heavy safe. Our experience and skills enable us to be problem solvers when moving your floor safe from its current location to its next spot!

Contact Dexter’s Best

Thinking of moving your floor safe or vault? Get in touch with our team today to receive a price quote. We just need to know the model, its weight, information about where it is currently located, and where you intend to install it next. It is our pleasure to tend to our safe moves with the same level of care that we offer to new safe installations.

Whether you need us to move your safe to a different level of your home or to a completely different location at another address, we can do the job. We look forward to taking care of you. Call now to get started!