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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Claims

Please carefully read the safe warranty that accompanied your safe. If you encounter a problem that falls under the warranty coverage, simply call Liberty Safe at (800) 247-5625, and press 4. You will be required to provide the serial number and proof of ownership if you have not sent in your warranty card. Please call us with questions.

Warranty Repairs

Repairs to your safe covered under your warranty should not be performed without the pre-authorization of a Liberty Safe customer service representative. If there are any issues regarding your safe please contact a Liberty Safe Customer Service Representative (CSR) at (800) 247-5625. Solutions to frequently asked questions and issues can also be found in the Troubleshooting Guide booklet or online at The cost of any repairs performed without pre-authorization will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

Water & Fire Damage

Your safe is not waterproof. Should your safe be exposed to fire or water, the fire insulation of your safe will be compromised. In this event, make sure to have your safe opened as soon as possible. If your safe included firearms, remove them and have them cleaned and lubricated as soon as possible. Do not continue to store items in a safe that has been compromised by water or fire. In either of these cases, you should purchase a replacement model.

Insurance Coverage

Neither Dexter's Best Liberty Safe nor Liberty Safe insures the contents of your safe. Since we do not insure the safe’s contents, a homeowner's policy or other insurance coverage should be purchased in an amount sufficient to cover the contents. Most homeowner's policies require the purchase of riders or endorsements on items such as guns, jewelry, coins and other valuable collectibles. Should damage occur to your valuables, a claim should be made with your homeowners insurance. Check with your local insurance company for possible discounts that may be available with your purchase.