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Product Spotlight: Fatboy Jr. by Liberty Safes

Fatboy Jr. — The Biggest Little Gun Safe Have you been contemplating making a gun safe purchase or upgrading your current safe to something better? We at Dexter’s Best Liberty Safe believe that the Fatboy Jr. is one of the best options you could choose! We’d like to walk you through some of the design…

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The Most Important Documents To Store In Your Safe

Protect Your Most Important Possessions With Dexter’s Best Liberty Safes Do you know where your birth certificate is right now? When was the last time you saw your passport? These are incredibly important documents, and without the proper protection that you get with a quality home safe from Dexter’s Best, those documents could be in…

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Making the Most of Your Small Home Safe

Big Things in Small Packages Just because you have a small home safe doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of limited storage. Some people’s homes or businesses just can’t spatially accommodate a large safe, and in those cases, you have to make the most of small home safes. Here are a few helpful…

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What Makes Your Home Safe Vault Truly Safe

Keeping a home safe.

People purchase a home safe vault for different reasons, but at the core of all these reasons is one primary one: To keep certain items safe and avoid having them fall into the wrong hands. What makes a safe reliable, though? In today’s blog post, we discuss which features you need to look for in…

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